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Sad Poetry And Emotional words are related to a monotonous, depressed, downhearted, and miserable life. Sometimes people didn’t know about the sorrowful and regretful situations. In fact, it has many reasons, just like as, breaking expectations, bad attitude towards others, feeling lost, untrackable condition and some aggressiveness. These feelings want some sad poetry and emotional words.

sad poetry

According to my opinion, whenever, heartbroken and unexpected attitude face towards others, Firstly, people don’t want to live more, they want sad poetry and emotional words to satisfy themself. Secondly, Some feel insulted and should break that type of relations. Thirdly, Some don’t bear that type of life and want to suicide. Especially, they do not have the stamina and patience to live more happily. These are all negative symptoms that mostly appear in a failed man. So,  This is a basic reason to live alone and some heart-touching words help them to forget the bad feelings and despairing. But, I think it is not the correct way to depress yourself. Because Your life is not spare to spend it from others wrong words, miss attitude, and bad emotions.

Positivity is necessary for frustrated people:

The workload is a big reason for failures, Moreover, Many people want to do something in their life but nobody helped them, nobody guides them, They failed again and again and left to do work hard more in their life. But everyone should trust in their Allah, Don’t see them and don’t get the help of the creature of Allah. Only get help from your Allah, InshAllah get more good, reliable and positive life. There are Sad Poetry And Emotional words to relax.

One day you will miss me but I will not be there.


 Be patient and strong; Someday this pain will be useful to you.


 Everybody has things they wish not to recall. Into each life, some rain must fall.


 People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because

they’ve been strong for too long.


 You know, you’re my soul then why did you leave me alone.

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Sad Poetry And WhatsApp Status:

 A person who loves you truly will never let you go whatever the situation is.


 Sometimes it’s better to be alone nobody can hurt you.


 I would say I’m okay but I’m done lying.


Sometimes I push you away because I need you to pull me closer.


Sometimes, It lasts in love, but sometimes, it hurts instead….

Sad Poetry And Emotional Words:

Be positive, Be positive And Be positive, One day, Your environment-related everything and people will be positive. In addition, Don’t be sad about your loss and some touching words. Because you are strong and you didn’t come to see the others. Only think positive and do positive, Then God will give you a positive environment.

sad girl

 I was so saddened to hear this shocking news.

My heart goes out to you at this time of grief.


 How long will I hang from these parachutes of bliss?

Will you be the wind? Can our love be, the sea beneath us?

Carry me through this life my love and no matter the lightning that

dances with my feet I promise to love you with all that is inside me.  

Christopher Poindexter.


I cried today
I cried today, I can’t tell you why
This pain that I bare I’ll have till I die
My eyes they sting, my vision is a blur
Oh what I’d give to find an eternal cure
At night I think how is this fair
I feel I’m here only because I’m told that they care
But when I’m down I feel so alone
Even in this house, I think it’s called home
And when the night falls, I lay in my bed,
With no one beside me, just the thoughts in my head
I will for a day that that this torture would end,
That I would wake and not have to pretend
My past it still haunts me, my present is the same,
What future can I have, all I do seems in vain
But I’ll pick myself up, I’ll continue this role
these thoughts won’t define me,
I’ll play the starring role.


 It takes only a minute to have a crush on someone an hour to like someone and

a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.


I wish you to tell me from the start

that you were gonna break my heart.

Sad Sms And Beautiful Poetry:

Gone Forever

The good times are gone, and all that I am left to do is mourn

I’ve never felt this lost while the time passes by,

As it tells me of all the love I’ve lost just to make me cry.

I live in a world now, where i mean nothing to the people i meet

And to those whom I meant something, are far away in the sky

Leaving me as nothing but a deadbeat.

Even these words I slept and woke up with, are no longer mine

These thoughts that I scribble, they think, are no longer divine.

Even with my eyes closed, to me, all my regrets and guilt are exposed.

“I am wrong, I am wrong”, this is all

I’ve known about me all my life.

And these things aren’t ever going to change

So as long, as long, you, my beloved are gone.

sad boy

Depressed Poetry:

Once was…suicidal

I sit in a small corner, Looking at down at my feet.

I was scared, Alone, Yet. Happy.

I had my own train of thoughts that could have killed me and brought me to the end.

You’re the one who made me like this, Leaving, Fighting, Cheating,

Out the door you shall go Don’t come running back to me With all your stuff And screaming,

Pleading, and begging to come back.

“Oh please. Please?” You shall say! “Ha get off my porch or else I’ll tell!”

HeartBroken Poetry:

Just to say I love you

Never seems enough

I’ve said it so many times

I am afraid you won’t understand

What I really mean when I say it.

How can so much feeling

So much adoration possibly fit into

Those three little words.

But until I find some other

Way of saying what I feel, then

“I Love You” will have to do.

So no matter how many times I say it,

Never take it lightly, for you are my life,

And my only love.

I love you now more

Than ever before.

Sad And Fantastic Song:

Shiloh Dynasty’s Songs

Girl come through, And let’s do what we do in your Imagination When I’m gone.

No I don’t want, just anyone I’m loving what I see in front of me.

Don’t give a fuck Bout anyone I know what

you need Baby listen to me speak it.

Tell me why I’m waiting For someone Who doesn’t give a fuck about me

Being in love With you Sounds like A really bad idea.

I’ll keep you safe in these arms of mine, hold onto me.

Pretty baby don’t you see I can be all you need.

Sad words

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