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Love Poetry SMS: Love Words affect others like, happiness, lifeline,  positivity, feeling special, devotion, and adoration. It totally changes lifestyle,  thinking,  and floating ideas. In fact, people want attention, love, care, and special words from others. It is the best way to spread love from your close people, just like as parents, family members, colleagues, friends, and fellows. Love poetry is a outclass way to spread your feelings to someone most.

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In this paragraph, I want to tell you different relations want different types of attachment, Firstly, Parents want respectable and loyal love from their kids. Brother and sisters want some friendly and moral value with attention. Secondly, Relative wants honorable fondness to others. Thirdly colleagues, friends, and fellow want some perfectness and social activity involvement. Most especially, the Husband and wife want body and soul love. In this way, we can say, every person want some special words and love feeling in different ways to make more strong your relation. This is the duty of every one show love words to their family members and someone special. Due to this, life is easier, more lovely, and looks happier than before. Love poetry is the combination of beautiful words to express your feeling.

Love Poetry And WhatsApp:


Kabhi joh ahsaas ho tum ko
k tum acha nahi kartey
joh mujh ko yun satatey ho
lahoo mera jalatey ho
agar is agg me jal k main ek din khak ho jaoun
mujhe dil se mita dena
samandar me baha dena
magar yeh yaad rakhna tum
khuda se ek dua karna..
k jisey tum zindagi me agey chaho wo tum jaisa na hargiz ho 


Yad Aon Ga
Poet: Wassi Shah



I can say i love you in so many ways
But none is clearer than committing my days
To the one who is dearest and closest to my heart
On this day i promise you that we will never part


If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow
If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder
If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow
If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile
But anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me

Love poetry

Romantic Love Poetry And SMs:

Aye Tum Yaad Mujhe
Aaye Tum Yaad Muje Gaane Lagi Har Dhadkan
Khushbu Laayi Pawan, Mahekaya Chandan
Jis Pal Naino Mei Sapna Tera Aaye
Us Pal Mausam Par Mehndi Rach Jaaye
Aur Tu Ban Jaaye, Jaise Dulhan
Aaye Tum Yaad Muje
Jab Mai Raaton Ko Taare Ginta Hu
Aur Tere Kadmon Ki Aahat Sunta Hu
Lage Muje Har Tara, Tera Darpan
Aaye Tum Yaad Muje…
Har Pal Man Mera Mujse Kahta Hai
Jiski Dhun Mei Tu Khoya Rehta Hai
Bhar De Phoolo Se, Uska Daaman
Aaye Tum Yaad Muje


Somebody has to go polish the stars
Somebody has to go polish the stars,
They’re looking a little bit dull.
Somebody has to go polish the stars,
For the eagles and starlings and gulls
Have all been complaining they’re tarnished and worn,
They say they want new ones we cannot afford.
So please get your rags
And your polishing jars,
Somebody has to go polish the stars 


Those special memories of you
will always bring a smile
if only I could have you back
for just a little while
Then we could sit and talk again
just like we use to do
you always meant so very much
and always will do too
The fact that you’re no longer there
will always cause me pain
but you’re forever in my heart
until we meet again 

love birds

When I Die I Want Your Hands on My Eyes

When I die I want your hands on my eyes:
I want the light and the wheat of your beloved hands
to pass their freshness over me one more time
to feel the smoothness that changed my destiny.

I want you to live while I wait for you, asleep,
I want for your ears to go on hearing the wind,
for you to smell the sea that we loved together
and for you to go on walking the sand where we walked.

I want for what I love to go on living
and as for you I loved you and sang you above everything,
for that, go on flowering, flowery one,

so that you reach all that, my love, orders for you,
so that my shadow passes through your hair,
so that they know by this the reason for my song. 

Romance by Edgar Allan Poe

“Romance, who loves to nod and sing?

With a drowsy head and folded wing,

Among the green leaves as they shake

Far down within some shadowy lake,

To me a painted parquet

Hath been—a most familiar bird—

Taught me my alphabet to say—

To lisp my very earliest word

While in the wild wood I did lie,

A child—with a most knowing eye.

Of late, eternal Condor years

So shake the very Heaven on high

With tumult as they thunder by,

I have no time for idle cares

Through gazing on the unquiet sky.

And when an hour with calmer wings

It’s down upon my spirit flings—

That little time with lyre and rhyme

To while away—forbidden things!

My heart would feel to be a crime

Unless it trembled with the strings. 

love couple

Oh How I Love You by Jennifer Betts

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I see your face,
Oh, how I love you.
I think of you all day.
And nightly too.
You make me smile.
Oh, how I love you.”


When you come to me, unbidden,

beckoning me
to long-ago rooms,
where memories lie.

Offering me, as to a child, an attic,
Gatherings of days too few.
Baubles of stolen kisses.
Trinkets of borrowed loves.
Trunks of secret words, 

My Love Is Like a Red

“O my Love’s like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Love’s like the melodies
That’s sweetly played in tune.
As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in love am I;
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry:
Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;
I will love thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.
And fare thee weel, my only Love,
and fare thee weel awhile!
And I will come again, my Love,
Tho’ it wares ten thousand miles.”

In Conclusion, it is impossible, to live without love, so love is not two-person involvement, Moreover, it makes a happy environment. Finally, we should be polite, lovely, and friendly to others, Be respectful and get it back.

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