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Shab e Meraj Quotes: Shab e Meraj is held on the 27th Rajab and the seventh month of the Islamic calendar. Isra and Miraj are two parts of the night journey. The holy prophet (PBUH) took one night physically on a journey from Makkah to Jerusalem then heaven. This journey is known as Meraj night.

In this paragraph, I want to tell you the meaning of this blessed night. Firstly, Allah wants to meet his beautiful and beloved prophet physically, Secondly, My Lord wants to talk about some special topics and issues discussed by Muhammed(PBUH), Thirdly, Allah gave him respect and met him in that place where angles couldn’t go. Allah honors whom he wills. Especially, God gave the prayers as a gift to his remarkable prophet for saving his nation from bad indeed. On the other hand, It is full blessing night and God forgives a lot of people who want to be truthful forgiveness. So, Always passed this night Shab e Meraj quotes by praying of Allah.

What is the role of  Shab-e-Meraj night in Islam and Quran:

Shab e Meraj is also called Isra night. On 27th Rajab, our prophet PBUH went to journey Masjid-ul-Harm to Masjid-al-Aqsa then pass 7 heavens. Our prophet (PBUH) was too much worried about our nation’s sins. So Allah gave him the gift of 5 prayers for the way of forgiveness. he gave the

shabe meraj by quran

Allah(swt) took Prophet(sawaw) in the night from Masjid-ul-Haram to Masjid-al-Aqsa to show some of his signs (not Allah(swt) himself). The word “Abd” also proves that it was a physical journey not spiritual.   

 Surah Al-Israa


One who moves back and forth and appears in whatever form can not be Allah(swt). He(swt) can not be seen so whoever Prophet(sawaw) saw in Mairaj can not be Allah(swt). Prophet(sawaw) saw the greatest sign of Allah(swt)

Surah An-Naj 

Shab-e-Meraj Quotes Showed by Hadees:

When Our Prophet PBUH came back to Miraj then he told to the people bout the meeting of my Lord creature of everything to the companions. then he told them about prayers. Moreover, Allah gave us the gift of five prayers.

In Hadith Holy Prophet (SAW) said regarding this:

 “O Muhammad! These prayers need to be performed five times a day.

However, there are ten rewards for each prayer!” (Muslim)

Hadees of miraj

Hadhrat Ayesha RA says:

“Whoever thinks that prophet Muhammad PBUH saw his lord, he surely attributed a great lie on God…Haven’t you heard that Allah says that the eyes do not reach Him but He reaches the eyes.” (Muslim Kitab-ul-Iman-Book of Faith)

Shab-e-Meraj Quotes And Blessings:

This night is too much crucial role in our Islam. So, we should get the knowledge about the Shab e Meraj Quotes to realize the other. Don’t waste this night and get the forgiveness of your deed and indeed. In addition, we should use some specific Quotes and blessings for getting God s happiness and the correct way. In fact, the right way to pass away life.

“Nothing can change your destiny, Except Dua to Allah.


“Don’t Rush Your Salah for Anything,

Because You’re standing in front of the One

Who is In charge of Whatever You’re Rushing for.”


Happy Shab E Miraj to All Friends.

May Allah grant us success, respect, happiness, and right path (Aameen)


Tonight Is Shab E Miraj.Remember Me In Your Prayers.

May Allah Provide You With Solace,Bundles Of Happiness,

Health And Wealth Through Out The Year.  Ameen.


May Allah Be withyou at Every Step you Take 

May Allah guide you inEach Decision you make

May Allah Help you whenlife gets Rough

May Allah Bless you withMore than enough

May Allah hear you whenyou call

May Allah Sooth your Heart When you don’t Understand Ameen

Shab e Miraj quotes

More Shab-e-Meraj Quotes For Reading:

Easy Dhikr LA ILAHA ILALLAH doesn’t require any movement

of the lips so you can repeat it all day without anyone noticing.”


“When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead.”


There are deeds of 100 years of prayers for the one

who can Ibadah on the Shab e Meraj night.

No doubt the Shab e Meraj night in which Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)

was blessed with this unparalleled honor was one of the

greatest nights in the history of this wor

Shab e Meraj
When Is Shab e Meraj 2021?

Shab e Meraj will be observed on 27th Rajab, 11th March on Thursday 2021.

You can get more information from this video.



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