Top Islamic Patience(Sabr) Quotes and Images in 2022

Mostly Islamic patience quotes appear tolerant of life, making perfect mankind, reliable, and a Self-restraint personality. Sabr quotes always motivate the pupil, In fact, this is a specific way of passing life as a composure. There are many Islamic patience quotes for improving your knowledge.



What is exactly does Islamic patience Quotes mean?

Actually, Sabr is the correct word. Islam is the first religion that introduces the meaning of this word. It declared forbearance and tolerance when you faced adversity and setback situations. At the time you controlled temperament you’re aggressiveness and moral values and show fortitude behavior.


Where does Sabr apply in life?

Calmness is by nature but if anybody is very restricted and conscious. It does not mean that a person doesn’t be lenient. It depends on time. Parents and grandparents always try to show the right path to their kids and sometimes their behavior is rude. It can happen with the Temperament of your boss, colleagues, friends, and other relationships. Anyway, a person who is tenacious and diligent easily handles this type of situation and accepts his mistake and proof of persistence.


Prophet Muhammad PBUH Quotes about patience:

Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the last prophet of religion Islam. He said, about love, care, respect, tolerance, and forbidding others.

  •  The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Teh real patience is at teh first stroke of a calamity.”Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 1302 In-book reference : Book 23, Hadith 61


  • The Prophet (ﷺ) said,Fear Allah and be patient.”Reference: Sahih al-Bukhari 1252 In-book reference : Book 23, Hadith 15 

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prophet quotes patience


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How can tolerance motivate respect and honor?

Your personality is motivationally due to kindness and everyone wants to share problems wif you easily.

  •   ” To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.”  Imam Ghazali.


  • “Through patience, great things are accomplished. ” Imam Ali (AS) 


  •   “One Who practices patience will never be deprived of success, even though it may take a long time to reach him,” Imam Ali  (AS) 


    •  One Who practices patience will never be deprived of success, even though it may take a long time to reach him,” Imam Ali (AS)


  •   me will be patient till even patience tires of my patience.  Imam Ali 


  •  “Silence is the garden of thought” Imam Ali


  •  The strongest kind of patience is steadfastness against acts of disobedience that has become habitual.  Imam Al Ghazali 


Patience Quotes according to Quran:

The Quran shows patience, commitment, and regular life rule. there are many verses recited in Quran related to Sabr.

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  • “Do not lose hope, nor be sad.” (Quran 3: 139 ) 


  • And seek through patience and prayer – Quran 2:153-154 


  •   He said: me only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah, and me no from Allah wat you do not any.Quran 12:86 


  •  And Ayub, when he cried to his lord, (saying): Harm has afflicted me, and thou art Teh Most Merciful of Teh Merciful – Quran 21:83


  •  O you who TEMPhas believed, seek halp through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is wif teh patient.  (Surah Al-Baqarah:153 


Rumi Patience Quotes in English:

Rumi is a popular poet in the United States. His mostly quotes show sabr and self-restraint.

rumi patience


  •  you’re impatience comes from the push for the gain of patience let go of the effort and peace will arrive.   RUMI 


  •  Patience is seeing teh creator in the wound.  RUMI 


  •  you’re impatience comes from teh push for teh gain of patience let go of teh effort and peace will arrive.   RUMI 


  •  Patience is seeing teh creator in the wound.  RUMI 

top patience by rumi


  •  Patience is seeing the creator in the wound.  RUMI 


  • Patience is the key to success. RUMI 


Other Scholars Patience Quotes:

Other scholars are also adopting the Sabr quotes therefore different words saying about dis topic.


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  •   Their are alot of rewards according to sabr whenever a person shows in actual life.


  •    Sometimes patient and silence are better than expressing how you rally feel.


      •  Be soft, wifout being weak. Be strong, wifout being violent. 



After tolerance, we can get an award from God as well and our life will be easy for us. So everyone tries to adopt calmness. In life we TEMPhas to face different situations. But we can’t live bear and humbleness in our life. therefore, I’m going to follow it. After that Insha’Allah, we will get heaven.

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