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Hajj Mubarak Quotes 2021: Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and it is obligatory for every
Muslim Who has money and power. Pilgrimage is performed in Makkah during the
month of Zill-Hajj. Muslims celebrated many festivals. As well as we have obligatory to perform       Hajj at one time in their life. If they have money to do so. Spread Hajj Mubarak Quotes 2021


According to my point of view, this is a great way to get relief from your sin and get newborn life. Firstly, it is necessary to perform heart action. Secondly, it used tong action
and thirdly body action. So, full personal attention and involvement are necessary for this
purpose. Most importantly, we visited many Mubarak places during this performance.
On the other hand, the Pilgrimage touches our heart-filling and clears our heart, tongue, and body
from evil and sin. There are many Hajj Mubarak Quotes 2021.

Pilgrimage Is Obligatory for All Muslim:

Hajj is obligatory for all Muslims. It holds every year once a time. Globally people go to Makkah
to perform Hajj and Umrah. There are many millions of people gather at the time of pilgrimage.
Moreover, there is no difference between An Arab on an Ajmi, An Ajmi on an Arabic, A
blonde on a bud, A clay on a blonde. God checks the people’s qualities, just like honesty,
truthiness, well-wishers, sins, and Kuffer. The base of these things makes the difference between two
people. You can get Hajj Mubarak Quotes 2021.


Beautiful Quotes About Hajj And Umrah:

Pilgrimage to the house is a duty towards God upon humankind,

for those who can find a way there” (Quran)


 So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone].

108-Surah-Al-Kauther (A River in Paradise)


“Hajj is a bolster for religion.” Ghurar Al- Hikam


 Don’t save Hajj for old age! You don’t know the date of your appointment with the angel of death.


 Patiently endure the trials of hajj, it is better for you and purification from your sins.

 Dr. Bilal Philips

Happy Hajj Quotes

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, whoever performs Hajj without any obscenity shall return

(from hajj) like a newborn baby. (Al-Bukhari)


 There are five pillars of Islam that make the joy and the blessings come through from Allah.

Hajj is one of those special pillars that we seek Allah’s guidance to perform.


“A Women without a mahram should not make hajj.

Her desire to perform it can earn her much greater reward.”

 Dr. Bilal Philips.


Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim said: “Friday is the balance of the week,

Ramadan is the balance of the Year, and Hajj is the balance of life.”


 Hajj– A journey that starts off by seeking his forgiveness and

culminates with giving our forgiveness to others.

Pilgrimage is the way to clean from Sins:

Pilgrimage is the right way to get forgive yourself for sins. In this time, Allah will
forgive the person. So, do pray for your forgiveness on the time of Hajj. Additionally,
get forgiveness from God with a deep and true heart. In this way, we can get relief and
feel relax in their life.

Hajj Mubarak Quotes 2021

 Happy Hajj Mubarak Wishes:

 “Hajj offered with all its requirements are reward with paradise.”


 May Allah’s blessing light your way, strengthen, your faith and bring joy to

your heart as you, praise and server today, tomorrow, and always –

Hajj Mubarak

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and Muslims perform it once a year.

It is a must for every Muslim who is financially as well as bodily well.


 May Allah today grant all your wishes. May he flood your life with happiness

and joy with this Hajj. Wishing you a happy Hajj!

O Allah, grant us the chance to offer Hajj. Ameen!

Tons of Hajj wishes for you and your family.

Don’t forget me in your prayers.


 Hajj offered with all its requirements is reward with Paradise.(Muslim, 1349)

More Hajj Quotes For Reading:

The mother of the faithful believers, I requested the Prophet (peace be upon him) permit me to participate in Jihad, but he said, “Your Jihad is the performance of Hajj.

Hajj teaches us the lesson of unity, sacrifice & brotherhood.

It brings all the rich & poor in the same row.

We have a long way to go, we have a lot to come through but with Allah amongst us,

we will always emerge victoriously. May he light your way through and guide you along.

Happy Hajj!



We have been together for the longest time and for that reason,

I think you are the most special gift that Allah gave to me.

I would like to wish you the happiest of Hajj.

Hajj Quotes

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